BA (Hons) Music Entrepreneurship


The BA (Hons) Music Entrepreneurship equips the aspiring music entrepreneur with the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the fast-changing landscape of the music industry. The course aims to develop critical, contextually and culturally aware practitioners through the production of a mature body of work.

Under the guidance of today’s working professionals, the course provides you with essential information on the functionality of the industry and how to create and exploit multiple income streams for both the new and established artist. Free-thinking and individuality are encouraged and students can choose areas of specialism within the parameters of the course.

The intensive nature of the course enables learners to become skilled practitioners and provides the freedom for them to develop their own unique and innovative methods of working. On completion of the course you will have built up a varied portfolio and will be equipped to identify, create and respond to the many career opportunities that exist in the ever-evolving music landscape.

DIME Detroit courses are offered as a full-time program, which enables you to complete your degree in three years.


  • World class artists and educators, active in the music industry and educational practice.
  • Direct engagement with the industry through project-based work.
  • Students are guided and encouraged to develop their own individual area(s) of expertise.
  • Collaboration within a broader musical community; your regular interaction with peers and faculty groups is enhanced by live events and other extra-curricular activities including: master classes, private tutorial sessions, Open Mic Nights, regular Open House events, and one-off events in which DIME partners with local musicians and organizations.

How is the course taught?

The teaching strategies deployed within the award seek to reflect and apply the educational philosophy of the institution and the rationale, aims and learning outcomes of the course. The intention is to engage the active participation of a committed group of academic and technical staff and students. Students at DIME will benefit from the following modes of teaching:

  • Group lectures within the college environment, where all students will learn in groups regardless of their individual specialism.
  • Specialist lectures within the college environment, where students will learn in specialist specific groups.
  • Weekly Lectures with instruction by world-class industry professionals who have vast experience in the music industry.
  • Regular One-To-One Tutorial Guidance from the Head of Education and Head of Department on
    matters relating to the course, musical performance, career planning and student care.
  • Exclusive Masterclasses from renowned artists, educators and industry professionals.

What you’ll do

Explore the course content by clicking on the sections below:

Year 1: Level 4

The Domestic Music Industry
Artist Discovery
Artist Income Streams
The International Music Industry
Artist Deal Suite

Year 2: Level 5

Breaking a New Artist
Tour Management
Principles of Record Production
Managing an Established Artist
Negotiation Skills
History and Context of Artist Management

Year 3: Level 6

Publishing and Copyright Law
Personal Skills in Business Development
Advanced Professional Project
Professional Practice Portfolio


Throughout your studies with DIME Detroit you will come into contact with a range of artists, practitioners, educators, support personnel, and administrative staff. Your key contacts will be DIME’s Head of Education and your Head of Department. You will enjoy regular contact with these people during your time with DIME.

In addition, your education will be enhanced by input from a range of experts through master classes and their contribution to the design and writing of specific classes.


The modes of assessment used in this award include:

  • Portfolio of work
  • Small in-lecture tasks (solo and group)
  • Tests
  • Essays (critical, reflective, research-based)
  • Case Studies
  • Podcasts and digital media
  • Project Presentation
  • Project Documentation

In some cases, more than one mode of assessment will be used within a module to ensure that the learner can demonstrate that they have met all of the learning outcomes. The work produced for these assessments develops graduate outcomes required in employment, such as a high level of managerial and entrepreneurial competency, time management, written and oral communication, portfolio production, critical reflection, and teamwork. This is alongside self-motivation, independence and creativity of thought.


DIME is deeply committed to providing career advice and support. This starts in the recruitment of a roster of faculty who exemplify the values of a successful self-employed music professional in today’s music industry. DIME courses and learning outcomes reflect the music business as it is today, and our commitment to course development will ensure their currency in the future. Students are encouraged throughout the course to form realistic and achievable career goals; these will be underpinned by research and experience, providing a genuine understanding of the structure and operation within the industry. The philosophy is described as ‘designing your own professional life’ and you will see this theme recurring throughout the course.

Further career opportunities/destinations may include:

  • Artist/band manager
  • Music entrepreneur
  • Concert promoter
  • Industry negotiator
  • Tour manager
  • Industry consultant

Further study opportunities include:

  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Master Of Arts
  • (K-12) Teaching Certification – National Board Certification by the American Board for Certification
    of Teaching Excellence (ABCTE)