Will my qualification be university accredited?

Yes, but at present only DIME’s BA (Hons) Degree courses are subject to accreditation and validation by Falmouth University, the UK’s leading University of the Arts.

Falmouth University is a specialist creative multi-arts institution with a heritage spanning more than 100 years. Falmouth is dedicated to redefining creative education and that’s why DIME chose them to be our academic partners. Credits are transferable within the USA and UK, so it’s similar to getting your degree at any other university; only this one is in modern music.

Who will be teaching me?

The management team has had 17 years experience in music education and many more in the music industry. DIME’s instructors were selected because of their incredible skill and relevant experience. Most importantly, most of our faculty are working in today’s music industry. Read more about them here!

What are the entry requirements for the BA (Hons) degree?

– A successful audition/assessment on-site with a DIME representative.
– A minimum 2.5 grade point average. (Official GED results will be accepted in place of transcripts. A minimum 401 composite score is required.)
– You will need to submit your ACT or SAT scores. The average expected ACT score of DIME students is 22. The average expected SAT score of DIME students is 1059.

What if I don’t have the necessary qualifications or they are out of date?

DIME Detroit will consider applicants who have playing and work experience, but have not achieved the minimum level entry requirements outlined above. This process is called APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning), and will be assessed on an individual basis. An applicant’s APEL must be approved by DIME’s Head of Education before it is finally approved by Falmouth University.

How much support will I get on the course?

As much as you need. At DIME, our entire faculty is at your access through our tutorial system. We take your success very seriously, and will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Can I get a scholarship?

Yes. Limited scholarships are available each year. You are eligible to apply for scholarship after auditioning for a course.

When can I start?

BA(Hons) Degree students begin their studies in September. You can find a list of current term dates on designated course information pages.

Can this qualification help me plan my own career as a musician?

Yes, every instructor involved in the delivery of a DIME course is a professional working musician. We will discuss how we make a living and get paid for playing and working. We are a community of musicians and music professionals who do not compromise musical standards for commercial success, but we want to help you earn a living from music.

How much is it and is there any help with the cost?

BA(Hons) Degree- $12,999 per year (3 year course)
DIME Certificate – $2,500 per semester
Summer Schools & Short Courses – $199 per course

DIME is committed to the highest academic standards and affordable learning. However, federal financial aid is currently not available for our BA(Hons)Degree courses. As we work towards securing federal funding for our students, we are here to advise you through the process of securing a scholarship. DIME also offers payment plans for all incoming students.

Click below to download DIME’s student finance policy:

Student Finance Policy.

What gear/equipment do I need to do this course?

If you are a guitarist or bass player, you will need your own guitar. If you are a songwriter, you should own your instrument of choice – ie. piano, keyboard or guitar. If you are a drummer, access to a drum kit is necessary, you may also own an electric kit. However, as we encourage live performance, you should have access to a full live drum kit. Access to amps is necessary for live performance, but you will not be required to bring any amplification to the site at any time.

DIME will sometimes make parts of our facilities available for rehearsal space, however, you should have access to practice areas in your home or in professional rehearsal studios.